February 3, 2020


The maiden edition of what has now become the most keenly contested competition or battle in Our Lady of Grace SHS, the OLAG ULTIMATE INTER CLASS QUIZ was organized this year (2nd term, 2019/2020 academic year) for both form one classes and form two classes.

The contest was in two sessions. The first session saw all the seven form two classes (2Arts 1, 2 Arts 2, 2 Arts 3, 2 Visual Arts, 2 Home Economics, 2 Science 1 and 2 Science 2) on one battlefied on Friday, 31st January, 2020 at the school auditorium at 2:00pm.

The second session also saw all the eight form one classes (1 Arts 1, 1 Arts 2, 1 Arts 3, 1 BV- Business and Visual, 1 Home Economics, 1 Science 1, 1 Science 2 and 1 Science 3) on one competing stage on Saturday, 1st February, 2020 at the school auditorium at 6:30pm.

In all these sessions, students, teachers, form masters and the school management were present to make the contest for each class a more beautiful and colourful one.

Each contest was in four rounds:
🥇Round One – English Language
🥈Round Two – Social Studies, History, Current Affairs and General Knowledge
🥉Round Three – Maths, Science and ICT
🎖Round Four – Audio Visuals (Landmarks, personalities, voice identification, maps, flags, logos and symbols, etc)

Each class was represented by four contestants, of which two could compete at a time and the other two as substitutes for other rounds throughout the contest.

The great anticipation……Which class won the contest?

Find below the positions of the first three form 2 of

1st Session (Form 2 classes)
🥇First – 2 science 1 class
🥈Second – 2 Arts 2 class
🥉Third – 2 Science 2 Class

Find below the results and position of each of the form 1 classes in the 2nd session.

2nd Session (Form 1 classes)
1 science 3 – 53 points – 1st
1 Arts 2 – 49 points – 2nd
1 science 2 – 49 points – 2nd

A general riddle and spelling contest was used to break the tie between these two classes. The first position had already been taken by the 1 science 3 class.

1 science 2 – 54 points – 2nd
1 Arts 2 – 49 points – 3rd
1 BV- 31 points – 4th
1 Arts 1 – 28 points – 5th
1 Home Econs. 26 points – 6th
1 Arts 3 – 20 points – 7th
1 science 1 – 17 points – 8th

The awards ceremony for the OLAG Ultimate Interclass quiz contest took place on Wednesday, 5th February, 2020 at the school auditorium after morning Mass.




  1. It is gratifying to learn about Our Lady of Grace school today. what an inspiration to humanity your school is. I cannot wait to enroll my son next academic year. As a Catholic, it is the ideal school i am looking for my children’s education.

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