Our Vision & Mission Statements


To offer a stimulating course structure, curriculum, uniquely caring to include/ produce High academic achievement, Faith formation, Moral development and training in Social responsibility and Invigorating co-curricular activities.


To create an enabling environment for a balanced education experience that equips students with requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes for self-empowerment and to impact on society at large.


Our Lady of Grace Senior High School is a private Catholic High School built by the Our Lady of Grace (OLG) Parish, Edina, Minnesota, USA with major sponsorship from Warren and Mary Lynn Staley. It was started in 2012/2013 as a result of the over seventeen-year-old sister parish relationship between the OLG Parish in Edina and the St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Mamponteng, Ghana, West Africa.

This partnership started when Fr. Robert Schwartz was the pastor of the OLG parish. The school, started under the leadership of Fr. Paul Atta Nsiah seeks to set up a model system of teaching and learning influenced by the standards and practices of best schools in the world. Students have access to a wide variety of opportunities and facilities in ICT that bring emery and excitement to their learning. Our graduates should qualify for the best tertiary institutions anywhere in the world or for further training for success in the world of work

  1. Well qualified faculty and staff
  2. Quality social and physical environment for effective teaching and learning and life-transforming experience
  3. Talent Hunt: A team of counsellors around to guide individual students to identify their talents and to help them achieve their maximum potential
  4. Well- resourced computer and science laboratories to help students in their computer and science practicals
  5. Well -resourced Home Economics & Visual Arts Laboratories to ensure hands-on & effective practical works
  6. Value-centered education that ensures that students are formed to become God-fearing, honest, respectful, hardworking & highly responsible citizens of mother Ghana and the world at large
  7. Extensive co-curricular activities that ensures that each student graduates with a bonus of a learned skill set
  8. Comprehensive Sports development program that ensures that students train in sports for life & as a life-long occupation
  9. Leadership training programs that effectively prepare students for life-long leadership and followership
  10. Availability of school clinic & school nurse to take care of students’ health needs
  11. Strong relationship with tertiary institutions home and abroad that help students get access to tertiary education after graduation
  12. Availability of student welfare services that link up parents to the school to ensure free flow of information
  13. In OLAG, students are prepared to be life-long learners
  14. Availability of Post- Graduation services to ensure that our graduates get admissions into the tertiary institutions.


OLAG-SHS is built in modern architecture with well laid-out attractive landscaping. Facilities include


The Catholic Church of Konongo-Mampong Diocese is the able Proprietor of this new and unique school.

It is under the management of the Local Manager, Rev. Fr. Thomas Oppong-Mensah, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Parish Church, Mamponteng and headed by Rev. Fr. Sylvester Frimpong. OLAG-SHS is funded and supported by some well-meaning Parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Parish, Edina, Minnesota, USA.


The motive for establishing OLAG-SHS by the Local Agents and Agency is to provide quality secondary education for young people of this community/district, and for Ghanaian youth in general, to experience academic excellence and holistic formation for life; from the Catholic perspective of fear and worship of God, and acknowledgement of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, of respect and preservation of life, moral uprightness, honesty, respect for the dignity of labour to improve quality of life, and all which promote peace and good-will among mankind. These and more are the ideas shared in common with our overseas benefactors for establishing OLAG-SHS.


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