April 15, 2020


Dear OLAG Family,

As we celebrate Easter, the greatest feast on the Christian calendar in these difficult times, we in OLAG SHS (Staff and Students) write to wish you all solemn and safe celebration.

The resurrection of Christ is the most definitive and resounding answer to the most difficult questions of life: why does evil exists, why do we suffer and why do we die?

The resurrection makes sense of whatever we do as Christians and as believers: “By his sufferings shall my servant justify many, … (Is. 53:11). Jesus’ Death & Resurrection explains our readiness to live not only for ourselves but also for others; it explains our sacrifices, our commitment to the wellbeing of many, and our contribution towards enhancing the common good. Truly, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just one single grain. But once it falls and dies, it germinates, multiplies and produces abundant fruits for many (John 12:24).

As we reflect on the story of Jesus, we remember all of you who are living this story day in and day out; you who are selflessly sacrificing for the good of many. We remember you our donors, our founders, our friends, our sister-parishioners in OLG, we remember our board members, our staff, our construction team members, parents and even our students, past and present. We know it is by the grace of this same power of resurrection and your sacrifices that we have had this wonderful family of education and formation established.

In his homily during our Easter Sunday private Mass, Fr. Benjamin our school chaplain reminded us that germination took place in the grave and Jesus conquered death from the grave. He said COVID-19 is not our end but our period of germination. We may be lying in the grave right now as a people, but our tombs will be opened and we shall rise with Alleluia on our lips.

As we continue to pray for healing for the world from this pandemic we pray that we all keep safe. Let us also be hopeful that our Jesus lives and in the end he will lead us to victory.

May your love and sacrifices continue to yield abundant fruits for many. Happy Easter to you all!

Fr. Sylvester Frimpong



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