Writers & Debaters Club

The Writers and Debaters society of OLAG offers a variety of benefits. The club’s main aim is to emancipate students through writing, debating and stage presentations. It is home to creative, talented, eloquent, and prolific writers and critical thinkers who can convince you on the spur of the moment on any topic. The club has three arms. Thus, the writers, the debaters, and the news program.

The writers are creative individuals who can write on everything. From poetry to novels, songs to quotes.

Conversely, the debaters are young talented people who make constructive arguments on any given topic and present them convincingly. If you didn’t know arguing is fun, wait till you hear these young lawyers battle it out on the stage.

The news team also consists of young journalists who write on trending issues both internationally, nationally and on local news as soon as it hits the ground, and the news anchors who present these news to the general school community each and every Thursday right after supper at the school’s auditorium.

Currently, the WDS has a staggering 267 members. Thus, almost one-third of the entire school population. This should tell you how interesting the club is. It gives its members the best in all the fields. Recently, the WDS pushed Our Lady Of Grace Senior High School to the finals of the LuvFm Pepsodent High School Debate after kicking out schools like St Monicas, Osei Kyeretwie, and even the National Independent debate winners, St Huberts to pick up the 1st runner up at the 6th edition on this annual competition, giving OLAG the publicity we needed. The Chair and the house, the WDS is an all inclusive club where we write, we speak and therefore we are whatever we want to be.


  1. Miss Margaret Oforiwaa
  2. Emmanuel Antwi
  3. Miss Beatrice Animah Opoku
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