The school sickbay which is an extension of the Pope John Paul II Hospital in Jamasi and equivalent to a Community Clinic in status, exist to cater for all the health needs of students and staff in the school. The sickbay is blessed with two qualified, skilled, competent and committed nurses who are always at the service of their clients. In order to ensure that students get medical attention all the time, a bungalow is built for one of the nurses so that resident on campus, all emergency cases are attended to any time. The unit, furnished with the necessary hospital tools and equipment, is able to carry out various laboratory investigations and offer wide range of services to its clients. Cases beyond the capability of the facility are referred to the Pope John Paul II hospital (the mother hospital), for continuity of care to the patient.

The OLAG Sickbay, Quality Health Care Services to Our Cherished clients is our hallmark!

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