Music permeates the way of life in all cultures. It is valued and appreciated in every society. Music is used for entertainment, cultural, artistic and commercial purposes.

Knowledge acquired in music equips students with requisite skills that will enable them pursue further education in music at the tertiary level. It also provides them with adequate entrepreneurial skills as professional performers, composers, arrangers, broadcasters, producers, music engineers, instrument technologists, music therapists etc. it enables students develop skills and artistic confidence in the presentation of music and perform reasonably well as soloists. Simply put, the acquisition of music education has unlimited potentials for producing world-renowned celebrities and icons.

With a well-furnished studio where Musical instruments are assembled for music classes and other musical activities together with qualified music teachers who have both teaching and industry experience, OLAG SHS is able to unearth and nurture the talents of students who are gifted in music. The formidable choir of the school which accompanies daily Masses as well as offer performances at programmes organized in and outside the school has about three music albums to her credit.

The doors of the OLAG Music Department are widely opened to students desirous of acquiring any musical skill(s).

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