Mathematics is part of life without which Man cannot function. Application of Mathematics cuts across the length and breadth of human life. Every part of real life involves Mathematics. Its study is a priority in the School Curriculum all over the world. Being a privileged subject, Mathematics has become a core subject of study all over the world and teachers are expected to help their students learn it with ease and enthusiasm.

In view of all the advantages and the importance of Mathematics, the goal of Mathematics teachers in Our Lady of Grace Senior High School is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in colleges and beyond. We seek to inspire our Scholars to pursue advanced math courses, and we provide them with the foundations they will need to be successful in their exams and advanced math study.

The fundamental objective of Mathematics education is to enable students understand, reason and communicate mathematically, and solve problems that might arise in their everyday life. This objective enables us to root the Math curriculum in the following core beliefs about quality math instructions.

Content- rich Task

We believe that students learn best when asked to solve problems that spark their curiosity, require them to make novel connections between concepts, and may offer more than one avenue to the solution

Practice and Feedback

We believe that practice and feedback are essential to developing students’ conceptual understanding and fluency

Productive Struggle

We believe that students develop essential strategies for tackling complex problems, and build non-cognitive skills such as grit and resilience, through productive struggle

Communicating Mathematical Understanding

We believe that the process of communicating their mathematical thinking helps students solidify their learning and helps teachers asses student understanding

Procedural Fluency and Conceptual Understanding

We believe that knowing “how” to solve a problem is not enough; students must also know “why” mathematical procedures and concepts exists

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