As an institution that seeks to promote the ideals of the Catholic Church through the provision of holistic education based on the rich values of the Church’s intellectual tradition, the OLAG Chaplaincy seeks to build the moral and spiritual life of students in order to make them better and useful people in the society. This is done through the celebration of daily Masses, periodic Retreats, Catechesis, administration of the Sacraments (Holy Eucharist, baptism, confirmation, confession), counselling, Religious trips among others; all under the auspices and coordination of a nine-member committee forming the chaplaincy board and led by Rev. Fr. Benjamin Attobrah, a resident Catholic Priest (Chaplain) and a trained Counsellor. 


The involvement of students in various ministries such as Knights of the Blessed Sacrament, Lectors, Choir and Inspirational band helps in developing their talents, building their level of confidence while deepening their relationship with God. 


 The OLAG Chaplaincy, morality is our hallmark!

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